12-ти Конгрес на Европскиот форум за истражување во рехабилитацијата,11-14 Септември 2013,Истанбул,Турција web страна:http://www.efrr2013.org/


Од 11 до 14 септември 2013 година во Истанбул,Турција ќе се одржи 12.Конгрес на Европскиот форум за истражување во рехабилитацијата.

12th Congress of European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation
Harbiye Military Museum &Cultural Center Istanbul-Turkey
web страна: http://www.efrr2013.org/

1. Main Rehabilitation Topics

Cardiological Rehabilitation
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Multipl Sclerosis Rehabilitation
Obesity Rehabilitation
Oncological Rehabilitation
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Pain Evaluation and Treatment
Parkinson Rehabilitation
Pediatric Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of Rheumatic Diseases
Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
2. Advances in Rehabilitation

Assistive Technologies
Biomechanics/Gait and Balance
Current Treatments: Botulinum Toxin, Partial Weight Bearing Treadmill Training, Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy etc.
Electrodiagnostic Testing
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
Intra-Articular Injections
Lymphedema Treatment/Bandaging and Massage
Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography
Robotics and Other New Technologies in Rehabilitation
Self-Support Groups
Virtual Reality (VR)
3. Functional Outcome Measures and Quality of Life

Assistive Technologies for Environmental Adaptation
Community Based Rehabilitatiion
Education and Research in Rehabilitation
Education for Disabled People
Evidence Based Medicine in Clinical Practice
Housing and Environmental Adaptations
Rehabilitation Measures: Baseline/Outcome
Research in Rehabilitation
Social Aspects in Rehabilitation
Standards in Training
Vocational Rehabilitation
WHO-International Classification of Functioning (ICF)


Important Points and Rules for Abstract Submission

Applications sent in written format, via e-mail, fax, disc or any other method will not be accepted. The abstract submission on the website will begin on October 11th, 2012. Presenters who have sent their abstracts will have the opportunity to make changes in the abstract texts, or in the order of authors, or to withdraw their abstracts until deadline if abstracts are not sent to the committee. Submission dates will never be extended.

The presenting author must register by 29 April 2013.

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