Информации за Трансевропскиот научен натпревар-TESC (Trans European Scientific Contest)


Почитувани членови,во прилог се доставени информациите за Трансевропскиот научен натпревар TESC (Trans European Scientific Contest)

During previous congresses of ESPRM there has been a contest called TESC
(Trans European Scientific Contest).
The aim of TESC is to stimulate young physicians in PRM to perform clinical
research and to present the results during a European congress.
Each national society has the right to select one young PRM physician to
compete in TESC.
The candidate should be a resident or young specialist in PRM not more than 3
years after graduation as PRM specialist.
They should present their own research and have approval of their supervisor.
Because each national society is allowed to delegate one candidate, national
societies are requested to organize in their own countries and during the
meeting of their national society a selection procedure/national contest in
order to select the best candidate from each country.
Your national society is free on how to organize this selection procedure.
The organizing committee of TESC (Henk Stam, Enrique Varela and Thierry
Lejeune) and the organizing committee of the 20th European Congress of PRM
will need the names of the candidates before March 1st 2016.
After this date no candidates will be accepted for the contest.
The candidates will have to prepare a presentation of 15 minutes including
questions and answers.
A jury will be installed consisting of senior researchers coming from countries
that have sent a candidate for TESC. The jury will judge the contributions on
research quality, presentation and relevance for PRM.
Further instructions for the TESC meeting will follow later.
The application file to the TESC has to be sent to the PCO Goldair Congress,
attn.: Mrs Athanasia Liapi, abstracts@esprm2016.com
The file will include:
- Name of the candidate
- Abstract
- CV of the candidate
- Supervisor name
- Contribution of the candidate to the research (design, experiment,
analysis, writing, etc.)
Three prizes will be awarded: 1000, 500 and 300 E.

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